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Altea Bedtime

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Adult coloring books are both hilarious and depressing

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Claire Sinclair is one buxom brunette

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A Good Day for Lingerie

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Aline and the 7 Deadly Sins cartoon

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Excellent Flotation Devices

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Funny Fuckers

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Cassidy Pretty Bad Girl

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Game of Thrones Facts

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Erotic Pix Dump

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Life is Ruff get a Dog

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Pix Mix Dump

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Red Lipstick is always a Nice Touch

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Sexy Social Media Babes

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The Top 10 Most Dangers Jobs

Glad to see my occupation is not on this list. Actually, Blogging might be in the top 10 for safest jobs in America. Not that I’m bragging, but I’m glad to know that one of the only ways I can die at work is if a giant meteor slams into my office.

After the proliferation of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, dangers jobs started to take the forefront in our numerous mind-numbing reality shows. The danger is real at these jobs though. Work one of these jobs for a entire year you’re almost guaranteed to encounter at least a few minor injuries. A lot of people work these jobs because they can’t work anywhere else. Some are just part of a lineage following in their parent’s footsteps. Some are thrill-seekers and some are even running away from their past.

From all the risk associated with these occupations, it’s weird to see the stark contrast between the yearly salary of pilots compared to every other job. I also didn’t think being a pilot was that deadly of a job. Besides 2014, where it seemed like air-travel travesties were at an all-time high I didn’t know about the sheer number of plane crashes.

Would you do any of these jobs?

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A man lost an arm when his golf cart rolled over on him on a down-slope. He became very depressed because he loved to play golf. One day in his despair, he decided to commit suicide. .

He got on an elevator and went to the top of a building to jump off. He was standing on the ledge looking down and saw this man down on the sidewalk skipping along, whooping and kicking up his heels. He looked closer and saw that this man didn’t have any arms at all.

He started thinking, “What am I doing up here feeling sorry for myself? I still have one good arm. There goes a man with no arms, skipping down the sidewalk so happy, and going on with his life.”

He hurried down to the sidewalk and caught up with the man with no arms. He told him how glad he was to see him because he had lost one of his arms and felt useless and was going to kill himself. He thanked the armless man for saving his life and said he knew he could make it with one arm if the guy could go on with no arms.

The man with no arms began dancing and whooping and kicking up his heels again.

He asked, “Why are you so happy anyway?”

He said, “I’m NOT happy. My balls itch.”

Heart-warming stories like this just bring tears to my eyes.

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On this day in history

On April 27, 1956, world heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano retires from boxing at age 31, saying he wants to spend more time with his family. Marciano ended his career as the only heavyweight champion with a perfect record–49 wins in 49 professional bouts, with 43 knockouts.

Rocco Francis Marchegiano was born into a working-class family in Brockton, Massachusetts, on September 1, 1923. After being drafted into the U.S. Army in 1943, he reportedly began boxing as a way to get out of kitchen duty and other less-than-desirable jobs. Marciano finished his military service in 1946 and continued to box as an amateur. He tried out for the Chicago Cubs, but his dream of becoming a pro baseball player ended when he was soon cut from the team. He returned to boxing and fought his first professional match on March 17, 1947, defeating Lee Epperson in a third-round knockout. Marciano went on to win his next 15 matches by knockout. He became known as a tough fighter and powerful puncher, but he was criticized for his awkward style, which some though lacked finesse.

On October 26, 1951, Marciano signaled to the boxing world that he was a contender when he faced former heavyweight champ Joe Louis and knocked him out in the eighth round. Marciano captured the heavyweight crown in Philadelphia on September 23, 1952, when he scored a knockout against defending champ Jersey Joe Walcott in the 13th round. Marciano faced Walcott again in Chicago on May 15, 1953, and defeated him in a first-round knockout. Marciano, nicknamed the “Brockton Blockbuster,” would successfully defend his title five more times, with his last professional bout, against Archie Moore in New York on September 21, 1955, ending in a ninth-round KO.

On April 27, 1956, Marciano announced his retirement from boxing and said he had no plans to return to the ring for a comeback. Marciano died in a small-plane crash in Iowa on August 31, 1969.

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