On this day in history 27th August 1883

Krakatau explodes

The most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history occurs on Krakatau (also called Krakatoa), a small, uninhabited volcanic island located west of Sumatra in Indonesia, on this day in 1883. Heard 3,000 miles away, the explosions threw five cubic miles of earth 50 miles into the air, created 120-foot tsunamis and killed 36,000 people.

Krakatau exhibited its first stirrings in more than 200 years on May 20, 1883. A German warship passing by reported a seven-mile high cloud of ash and dust over Krakatau. For the next two months, similar explosions would be witnessed by commercial liners and natives on nearby Java and Sumatra. With little to no idea of the impending catastrophe, the local inhabitants greeted the volcanic activity with festive excitement.

On August 26 and August 27, excitement turned to horror as Krakatau literally blew itself apart, setting off a chain of natural disasters that would be felt around the world for years to come. An enormous blast on the afternoon of August 26 destroyed the northern two-thirds of the island; as it plunged into the Sunda Strait, between the Java Sea and Indian Ocean, the gushing mountain generated a series of pyroclastic flows (fast-moving fluid bodies of molten gas, ash and rock) and monstrous tsunamis that swept over nearby coastlines. Four more eruptions beginning at 5:30 a.m. the following day proved cataclysmic. The explosions could be heard as far as 3,000 miles away, and ash was propelled to a height of 50 miles. Fine dust from the explosion drifted around the earth, causing spectacular sunsets and forming an atmospheric veil that lowered temperatures worldwide by several degrees.

Of the estimated 36,000 deaths resulting from the eruption, at least 31,000 were caused by the tsunamis created when much of the island fell into the water. The greatest of these waves measured 120 feet high, and washed over nearby islands, stripping away vegetation and carrying people out to sea. Another 4,500 people were scorched to death from the pyroclastic flows that rolled over the sea, stretching as far as 40 miles, according to some sources.

In addition to Krakatau, which is still active, Indonesia has another 130 active volcanoes, the most of any country in the world.

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Thought for the day

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Did you know

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When There’s A Fire In Your Pants And You’ve Got To Put It Out

Things were getting awfully hot downstairs for this beach volleyball player. Lucky for her she knew exactly what to do to cool herself off.

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These Stand Up Comedians Deliver Comedy Gold When They Grab The Mic

The beauty of stand up comedians is that they know how to take simple everyday observations and make them funny. Where would we be without them?

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Shelby Chesnes from Playboy

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It’s Impossible For Anyone To Argue With These Genius Shower Thoughts

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Nikky posing for Penthouse

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12 facts you never knew about the vagina

12 facts you never knew about vaginasHooray for vaginas.

Handy for bringing new people into the world, sexy to look at.

And, while they still get treated pretty shoddily in some places (I’m looking at you, Somalia), they still deserve a fanny-fare.

So, in celebration, here’s 12 fascinating facts you never know about the vagina.

1. First film company to give ‘vagina’ a shout out? Disney. It was heard in their 1946 movie, The Story Of Menstruation.

2. The word vagina comes from the Latin vaginae, meaning sheath or scabbard.

3. But it’s more like a magic sock. Lined with ringed muscular ridges called rugae, they help it expand in length and width by up to 200 per cent. 

4. What do vaginas and sharks have in common? They both contain squalene. This is found in shark livers and is a natural vaginal lubricant.

12 facts you never knew about vaginas

Sexy (Picture: Bravo/NBCU/Getty)

5. In 2009, Tatyana Kozhevnikova set the world record for lifting the most weights with her vaginal muscles. She lifted 14kg. The Russian attached the weight to a wooden egg so her muscles could grab on to it.

6. The clitoris is like an iceberg. It has branches that extend either side of the vulva, underneath the skin. These can potentially be stimulated from the outside.

7. The biggest vagina on record belonged to Anna Swan (1846-1888), a seven foot, eight inch tall lady who gave birth to a 26lb baby with a 19in head.

8. Diet may affect how the vagina smells. Anecdotal evidence suggests scent can vary during ovulation and even when you eat something pungent like garlic.

12 facts you never knew about vaginas

Who knew? (Picture: Getty)

9. Why are Bartholin’s glands important in the bedroom? They’re what make you body’s natural lube.

10. While every one is different, the average, unaroused, vagina measures 6-7.5cm at the front and 9cm at the back (it’s at a tilt).

11. The clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body – 8,000 – as opposed to the penis, which has 4,000.

12. The farthest a woman was recorded to ejaculate was 3m at a Masturbate-a-thon in Denmark in 2009.

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A selection of wardrobe malfunctions

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Fun, Random And Awesome Facts About South Park

“South Park” has been on the air for almost 20 years now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. These fun facts will help you find out everything you ever wanted to know about the hilarious characters on the show.

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Did you forget something today

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Angry Lizard Gets Stuck In A Man’s Leg

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Sexy gifs

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Humiliating Moments That The Whole World Got To See

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sex should be fun

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Fun pic dump

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Erotic pic dump

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On this day in history 26th August 1939

First televised Major League baseball game

On this day in 1939, the first televised Major League baseball game is broadcast on station W2XBS, the station that was to become WNBC-TV. Announcer Red Barber called the game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York.

At the time, television was still in its infancy. Regular programming did not yet exist, and very few people owned television sets–there were only about 400 in the New York area. Not until 1946 did regular network broadcasting catch on in the United States, and only in the mid-1950s did television sets become more common in the American household.

In 1939, the World’s Fair–which was being held in New York–became the catalyst for the historic broadcast. The television was one of fair’s prize exhibits, and organizers believed that the Dodgers-Reds doubleheader on August 26 was the perfect event to showcase America’s grasp on the new technology.

By today’s standards, the video coverage was somewhat crude. There were only two stationary camera angles: The first was placed down the third base line to pick up infield throws to first, and the second was placed high above home plate to get an extensive view of the field. It was also difficult to capture fast-moving plays: Swinging bats looked like paper fans, and the ball was all but invisible during pitches and hits.

Nevertheless, the experiment was a success, driving interest in the development of television technology, particularly for sporting events. Though baseball owners were initially concerned that televising baseball would sap actual attendance, they soon warmed to the idea, and the possibilities for revenue generation that came with increased exposure of the game, including the sale of rights to air certain teams or games and television advertising.

Today, televised sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, with technology that gives viewers an astounding amount of visual and audio detail. Cameras are now so precise that they can capture the way a ball changes shape when struck by a bat, and athletes are wired to pick up field-level and sideline conversation.

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Thought for the day

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