The Friday Quiz

1. What are the genetically engineered robots called in the film ‘Blade Runner’?

2. Goleo, Spheriks, Ciao, Naranjito and Tip & Tap were all examples of what?

3. The amphibious and airborne German plan to invade Britain in 1940 was known as Operation what?

4. In which films does John Malkovich play the following roles? One point for each correct answer.
a. Cyrus ‘the virus’ Grissom
b. Vicomte Sebastian de Valmont
c. John Malkovich
d. Humma Kavula
e. Galbatorix
f. Osborne Cox

5. Which band has had a record 36 top ten albums in the US charts?

6. What was the name of the German engineer who invented the first rotary engine?

7. The OSS was the predecessor of which organisation?

8. Which 1972 album was the only number one UK album in the 1970s with the name of a country in the album title? (note: The word America is not the name of a country)

9. The three worst maritime disasters in history all occurred in 1945. In which sea did all three ships go down?

10. Uncle Ernie, cousin Kevin and Captain Walker are some of the characters in which opera?

Answers on Monday

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Sexy Girl of the Day

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Thought for the Day

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Did you Know

Okay VP Gore, enough with the Global Warming this negative temperature for weeks at a time SUX!!

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Admit it, it’s hard to argue with this

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Ava Dalush Via Penthouse

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Awesome Funny Sexy

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Bedroom Wear

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Some Naughty Ideas for the weekend

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I Miss Summer

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Adorable and Funny Looking Animals

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Jana Foxy for Twistys

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Goodbye Cruel World

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Olivian Black Lace Panties

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How Chicago dyes the river green for St. Patrick’s Day

Boston might have the Irish pride and New York might have the biggest parade, but Chicago has it’s own and extravagant way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; they dye the entire Chicago River green.

This tradition has been going on for more than 50 years, when the fluorescein dye that the city put into the river would turn green to alert them of toxic, illegal dumping. Luckily for the Irish, Chicago loves illegal toxic dumping and the river turned green for the holiday.

To keep up the tradition without harming the environment, the city switched to using non-toxic orange vegetable dye to mix with the natural color of the river and turn it green.

Although other cities have tried to imitate the festive stunt, the exact formula is a secret known only to Chicago.

They dispense it from a speedboat over the course of an hour, after which more than a million people check out the green river. The color disappears in about 6-10 hours, but everyone is probably too shitfaced to notice at that point.

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Suzanna – Relaxing in the Sun

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Weekend is near, now I just DGAF

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Buy the World’s Slimmest Smartphone

Wonder where she is hiding that phone?

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90% Of People Can’t Pronounce This Whole Poem, Can You?

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10 Tips To Master The Phone Interview [infographic]

More and more employers are doing preliminary interviews over the phone. This differs from face to face interviews in many aspects. One major aspect is body language and facial clues. On the phone a person is harder to read and therefore harder to adjust your responses. The questions arises: How do you master a phone interview? This infographic gives ten tips on how to better prepare yourself for a phone interview.

Some of the tips are common sense but are still needed to be practiced. One of the major ones is to do your homework and research the company. Employers liked it when an interviewee has knowledge of the company and of the position they are applying. Another tip is to charge your phone and find a quiet place. It would be bad if the phone call is dropped or you cannot hear the questions being asked. Another tip is do not ramble with your answers, be clear and concise. The interviewer does not want hear your life story but a succinct answer to their question.

Preparation is the key in doing interviews or the phone. I have two tips to include to the list and one is to have the tips in front of you during the interview, a second have a mirror in front of you to check your smile. A smile does show up in your voice.


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