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Some Funny definitions

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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music [infographic]

There are a lot of unknowns about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For every apparent truth that can be said about it, there is some exception or degree of uncertainty that comes with it. First, it’s known that autism has a primary basis in genetics, but it’s unsure exactly what causes it. Second is that more and more people are diagnosed with it every year, but it’s not clear whether this trend reflects the changes in diagnostic criteria or an actual rise in the frequency of the disorder. Either way it’s an issue that calls for more awareness because not only does it affect the quality of life for the individual and their families, but has made a startlingly apparent need for reform in special needs assistance in the education system.

It been shown time and time again how constructive music education is in all areas of cognitive development, but it also proves to be especially helpful to those with ASD. As showcased by this infographic, it basically boils down to the two most indicative symptoms across the spectrum of those with autism. Those being that ASD can be characterized mainly by poor ability to communicate and interact socially, along with being prone to repetitive behaviors and specific interests. Music is upheld as a universal language, something that transcends the need for words. Not only that but regardless of what your interests are, there is a type of music for you. The reason we have favorite songs is because they have the power to bring us back to a specific place or feeling.

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MPL Studios Model Silvie

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10 Toys that Definitely Belong in the Discount Aisle

Mother wants ‘Breaking Bad’ figures removed from Toys R Us

(CNN) — “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White may have cleverly dodged authorities during his career as a drug kingpin, but his action figure hasn’t dodged the wrath of a Florida mother.

Susan Schrivjer, a mother from Fort Myers, launched a petition in early October to have White — and other “Breaking Bad” action figures — removed from Toys R Us. As of Monday morning, the request has received more than 2,000 signatures.

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Kickass women you should know

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18 adorable photos of animals caught in a warm embrace

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Hilarious and Creative Cartoons

I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll ever be old enough to stop enjoying a good cartoon or funny drawing. It's just enormous fun, especially when they're witty and creative, like these. Oh and if you're a pun lover like me, I've added a few great ones for you at the bottom…

Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons   Cartoons

And as a bonus, if you're a pun loving person like me, you may enjoy a few choice ones:

puns   puns   puns   puns
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A Compilation of Inexplicable Signs

We rely on signs to warn us, tell us what's going on, and provide us with accurate information. Unfortunately, not all signs are easy to understand, and some are downright silly! Enjoy this hilarious compilation of weird signs that will have you in stitches!

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Diane Kruger of The Bridge

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10 Celebrities Americans Love To Hate

They’re famous for being famous, or famous for being out of control. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they’re loved by millions. Some of the most talked-about people today are those who make themselves hard to get along with, self-indulgent artistes who think the world is waiting for their narrow-minded or wacko views. There’s an old saying in Hollywood: No news is good news. But some of the worst celebrities on this list have taken it so far that it’s beginning to affect their profession. Whether they’re working or not, we may not love these celebrities any more, but we really do love to hate them.

# 10 – Kate Upton- The claws come out any time this blonde bombshell is mentioned. The cause for many dinner time slaps, Kate Upton has been making jaws of husbands drop to the dinner table each and every time she makes the news. Why is she hated? Because she is an angel fallen strait from heaven and women HATE HER for that. I have to admit, my wife has to smack me just to get me to pay attention any time a Kate clip hits TMZ.

# 9 – Katherine Heigl
– The once loved American actress and previous ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star is known for making dreadfully challenging situations on the set. Heigl has made enemies with her coworkers, she bashed ‘Grey’s Anatomy” as a poorly written show and slammed several of her other movies.

# 8 – Phil Robertson – Star of the reality show ‘Duck Dynasty’ his reputation took a huge hit when he associated homosexuality to bestiality. He issued a public unenthusiastic apology, but secretly stood by his comments. This caused his show to lose over 2 million viewers.

# 7 – Taylor Swift – American Singer and four time Grammy Winner. She has been given the nickname “Witch on Wheels”, due to dropping her string of ex-boyfriends. Then she writes songs about them that portray them in a negative light. She has had almost as many exes as John Mayer; these two would be perfect together! Oh Wait… They already tried that and it was an epic fail!

# 6 – John Mayer – The American signer is not playing with a full deck, why would any man dump Katy Perry to date Taylor Swift? Taylor is as much as a commitment phobic as he is. He is only about 30 exes’ ahead of her, which isn’t saying much considering the age difference.

# 5 – Charlie Sheen – Is an American actor and former “Two and a Half Men star.” The list of reasons why we hate him could go on forever, so we’ll hit the highlights. He is known as one of the biggest pains in the butt in Hollywood to work with. His personal life is one disaster which interferes with his professional life is one disaster after another – he’s a cheater, a wife beater, a drug and alcohol abuser and an idiot – he uses and drinks then drives! Enough said…

# 4 – LeAnn Rime
s – Since the American actress’s affair with now husband, Eddie Cibrian. She has become known as a home wrecking, bikini-wearing cheater who is constantly on vacation. Three years after she married Cibrian, her fans cannot seem to forgive her.

# 3 – Lindsay Lohan – She was once a promising young American actress who is now unhirable. Her unpredictable behavior, several stints in rehab, and court room visits have turned not only the big wigs in Hollywood against her but her fans as well. She has been reduced to her own reality show “Lindsay” in which she is not paid per episode but once a season out of fear that she will not show up the next day for filming.

# 2 – Miley Cyrus – A young American actress and singer who went from a role model to tween age girls to a young woman with little to no morals and raunchy clothes. Her questionable behavior has left her with fewer fans and parents turning off their TVs when she is about to perform.

# 1 – Kim Kardashian – An American wannabe celebrity, time and time again people ask how is she a celebrity? Truth be told she is not a celebrity, she only thinks she is and she will do whatever it takes to keep her name and face in the limelight. The fact that she ended up on the cover of Vogue had the real celebrities in an uproar for weeks. Kim is even hated by celebrities! Now, that is saying something about being the #1 hated “celebrity!”

The list of celebrities we love to hate could go on and on, because celebrities are nothing if not good at behaving badly. There will always be another out-of-control former child star; another actor who’s convinced the world is waiting for his extreme political views, the next big name that turns substance abuse into an art form. As long as Americans eagerly follow famous people and their behavior, there will always be examples of what not to do when you get a lot of money. And we’ll all love to hate them.

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A Yawn is a silent scream for Coffee

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Rapper arrested for allegedly beating up a porn star

Cops arrested a rapper Thursday morning for allegedly beating up a porn star outside a Meatpacking District nightclub in New York City early Tuesday.

Hip-hop star Maino, whose real name is Jermaine Coleman, turned himself into the 6th Precinct at 9:30 a.m. where he was arrested for misdemeanor assault.

The altercation began when skin-flick diva Mellanie Monroe was inside Maino’s truck outside of the Griffin around 3 a.m. and claims he punched her in the stomach and ribs and kicked her in the leg, according to police.

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